Food Services

Food Services

At Scotland Elementary School, we believe that providing nourishing meals is essential for our students' growth and success. We are pleased to offer a robust food services program that ensures all our students have access to free breakfast and lunch.

Our Commitment to Healthy Eating:

We understand the importance of proper nutrition in supporting your child's learning and overall well-being. That's why we are dedicated to offering well-balanced, nutritious meals that meet the highest standards of quality and taste.

Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Students:

We are proud to announce that breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge to all students at Scotland Elementary School. This initiative aims to remove financial barriers, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious meal during the school day. Our commitment to free meals is rooted in our belief that no child should go hungry at school.

Our Menu:

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Meal Times:

  • Breakfast: Our breakfast program starts early to ensure that students kickstart their day with a nutritious meal. You can drop your child off at school knowing they have the option to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

  • Lunch: Our lunchtime offers a moment for students to refuel and recharge. We provide a balanced meal to help them stay energized throughout the day.


SNAP Pandemic Pamphlet Letter

Child Nutrition Update
Please be advised that menus are subject to change without notice. However, we will communicate any changes whenever possible. Driver and food and supply shortages are nationwide, and our districts are no exception. We are experiencing shortages, quality, and consistency issues, last-minute replacements, late or delayed deliveries, or no delivery at all.  Along with having to contend with an extremely broken supply chain, we are operating with severe staffing constraints in many of our kitchens. Though we are actively hiring, many are brand new to child nutrition and need training, which is difficult when short-staffed.

With appreciation,
Heather (EASTCONN)